Why Buy Liquor Liability Insurance?

Coverage Up To $1,000,000!

Consider the following scenarios:

After having several drinks at another bar, a patron walks into a Liquor establishment and is served one drink. While driving home, she enters the opposing lane and collides head-on with another vehicle. The drive and passengers of the other vehicle sustain serious injuries and sue your establishment for contributing to the intoxication of the patron who caused the accident.

A patron is served alcohol at an establishment, and while walking home is struck and killed by an automobile. The estate of the deceased patron sues, alleging the negligent service of alcohol directly contributed to the accident. Two of your patrons are involved in a fight. One patron sustains injuries and sues your establishment, alleging the negligent service of alcohol caused the fight.

A caterer serves alcohol at a party and one of your guests becomes intoxicated. After the party, the intoxicated guest is involved in an auto accident and injures a third party. The third party sues the caterer, alleging negligence in providing alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person.

Your establishment may be held liable in the above scenarios! Liquor-related injuries can be very severe. The resulting claims can produce substantial jury verdicts or settlements. Even frivolous lawsuits must be defended and can cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Protect the financial interest of the business by purchasing our Liquor Liability coverage today!

  • Bars, Taverns, Adult Entertainment Clubs and Nightclubs

  • Restaurants

  • Banquet Facilities

  • Country Clubs, Private and Fraternal Clubs

  • Retail Stores, Retail and Wholesale Distributors

  • Unique operations such as Off-Premises Caterers, Concessionaires, Breweries, Vineyards and Importers

Independent Food and Beverage Insurance Brokers, Inc. has been catering to the restaurant, tavern, and beverage insurance industries since 1993, servicing over hundreds of customers. Even though you probably have insurance already, it's important that you have a highly experienced insurance professional to review your policy.

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