Know Your Exclusions

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Examples of Exclusions that may have been applied to your policy:

Exclusion 1: Attorney Defense costs within the limits of Insurance (i.e. your limit is $1,000,000 and the attorney bill is $200,000, you will only have $800,000 of coverage left.

Exclusion 2: TIPS Alcohol Certification Requirement: Your current policy may exclude claims placed if your team members do not hold a TIPS or equivalent state-mandated certification.

Exclusion 3: Alcohol Service or Consumption: Your current policy may exclude claims that involve vaporized or powdered alcohol, flaming shots, or devices designed to expedite the consumption of alcohol.

Exclusion 4: Independent Contractor Exclusion: If you hire a company that provides bouncers, ID checkers, etc. without their own coverage, your claim can be excluded.

Our goal at IFB is to give you a clear view of your current coverage and make sure you get the most for your premium! Let a professional with 36 years of experience review your policy. Call us at (201)-320-1200 for a free review of your coverage.

Independent Food and Beverage Insurance Brokers, Inc. has been catering to the restaurant, tavern, and beverage insurance industries since 1993, servicing over hundreds of customers. Even though you probably have insurance already, it's important that you have a highly experienced insurance professional to review your policy.

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