Know Your Exclusions

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Examples of Exclusions that may have been applied to your policy:

Exclusion 1: Attorney Defense costs within the limits of Insurance (i.e. your limit is $1,000,000 and the attorney bill is $200,000, you will only have $800,000 of coverage left.

Exclusion 2: TIPS Alcohol Certification Requirement: Your current policy may exclude claims placed if your team members do not hold a TIPS or equivalent state-mandated certification.

Exclusion 3: Alcohol Service or Consumption: Your current policy may exclude claims that involve vaporized or powdered alcohol, flaming shots, or devices designed to expedite the consumption of alcohol.

Exclusion 4: Independent Contractor Exclusion: If you hire a company that provides bouncers, ID checkers, etc. without their own coverage, your claim can be excluded.

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